Support Us - Corporate Support

There are two ways in which your business or organisation can help support the work of Coram's Fields - through partnerships or corporate membership.



Coram's Fields is much more than 'a haven for play'. It has a long standing tradition of excellence, innovation, connections, resources and a strong national reputation in the provision of children's and youth services and sports.

With the development of the Western Colonnades, there is an opportunity for you to be involved in one of the most exciting periods of growth and change since we were formed in 1936.

We are looking for partner companies that will reflect and compliment Coram's Fields, companies that we can work with to create engaging and effective brand alliances, beneficial to both organisations. From the sponsorship of youth services, education programmes and the naming of buildings, we have a range of opportunities to suit you.

By supporting us you will have access to our senior officers and trustees, complimentary use of our unique spaces, key on site branding opportunities and access to broader audiences through our marketing and PR campaigns. You will also be able to provide your staff and clients with a range of activities and events to further your relationships through partnership with our historic and famous site.


Corporate Membership

Coram's Fields corporate membership scheme enables organisations to be associated with a charity which is a successor organisation to the world's first children's charity.

Whether you are interested in entertaining clients in our dramatic venues, networking with other members, or rewarding staff, Coram's Fields can create a bespoke package that helps you reach your objectives.

Why become a corporate member?
There has never been a more exciting time for companies to be associated with Coram's Fields. 2010 saw the successful refurbishment of our nursery, the delivery of a fantastic youth Arts, Music and IT project and exciting opportunities for children and young people in sports and baby/ toddler special activities

The redevelopment of the Western Colonnades will allow us to make well needed improvements to the farm to make it more accessible and inviting and to enhance children's experience of it. We will be able to improve and maximise use of the run down spaces which we urgently need to expand the activities we offer to meet the needs of local children and young people.

In Coram's Fields, you're guaranteed a partner of quality, one with a long-standing tradition of excellence – as well as the connections, resources and reputation you demand.

Choose the level of partnership that suits you
The key to corporate membership of Coram's Fields, is flexibility. We listen to our partners, and work with each one individually to create a package that meets your specific needs and goals.

There are three levels of partnership available:

  • Corporate Patron       £10,000 (renewable annually)
  • Corporate Member     £ 5,000 (renewable annually)
  • Associate Member     £ 2,500 (renewable annually)

Coram’s Fields is entirely independent of all other charities, including Coram (the national charity which is based behind Coram’s Fields). We are a local charity and when donating or fundraising, if you wish to support Coram’s Fields, please be clear that the funds raised are benefiting Coram’s Fields.

 If you would like to discuss any aspect of corporate support please contact our Director, Stuart Woods on 020 7837 6138 or email or call in to the main office at Coram's Fields.