Pistachios in the Park at Coram's Fields

Our café has recently had major improvements and is already becoming popular with residents and visitors. It is now run by Pistachios in the Park and is part of a chain of cafes based in public parks and green spaces throughout London and the South East.

The café is set in our beautiful colonnade buildings and has a fantastic welcoming appeal. It offers a selection of hot and cold drinks as well as great views of the park and excellent family friendly service. In addition to handmade cakes, there is a wonderful variety of healthy food favourites on the menu, and with both indoor and outdoor seating, you can relax and enjoy something to eat or drink whatever the weather.

We would also like to introduce Bilen, the café’s Director, who is a well-presented, enthusiastic coffee expert with over 10 years’ experience, trained by one of the biggest Italian coffee companies, Gaggia. Having worked closely with coffee for many years, she has a great knowledge of the business industry and we are happy to have her here as part of our team.

To find out more about the café take a look at their website www.pistachiosinthepark.org.uk