City Farm

corams goat

Our small farm includes goats, chickens, rabbits and birds.

It provides a brilliant opportunity for children to see animals in central London.



Everything in this world is covered in BUGS

The animal area can be particularly risky, but no more so than any local park. The risks can be minimised by washing your hands thoroughly before putting your hands anywhere near your mouth and making sure those in your care do so too. As an extra precaution, we provide anti-bacterial soap and disposable towels at our hand washing station in the animal area and in the toilets.

The ground staff are trained in first aid and there are first aid points located in ground staff office and main park office.

We want you to enjoy the animal area so do take note of the following:

  • Cover all cuts and grazes before visiting animal area
  • Be aware that children who suffer from asthma/hayfever may experience difficulties in the dusty animal area.

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