Youth Centre - Special Projects

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and develop services for young people that are engaging, interesting, relevant and beneficial educationally and socially. As such the projects which we deliver with young people are continually evolving and changing. Project planning, development and delivery of services are driven by young people.

Young people can also take part in some of the project work at Coram's Fields and work with local artists and organisations to contribute to multi-media productions.

Recent projects the Youth Centre have run are:

Residentials- In October 2013 the young people visited Carroty Wood where they took part in many outdoor activities, such as, kayaking, archery and swimming.

Volunteer Projects- There are many opportunities for the young people who come to Coram's Fields to volunteer for organisations which in turn will hopefully lead into employment.

Showcases- The Youth Centre hosts many Showcases which are great platforms for the young people to present their talents to their friends and family.


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